Filipino music in known to be romantic and expressive and you only need to download Filipino songs from the Internet to find out about its charm. Each song comes with so much emotion and the way the singers interpret them ads to the beauty of each melody.

In the early years following the war, Filipinos have become fond of watching vaudeville as a form of entertainment and in the process, have discovered their great talent for music. The songs that they have created were eventually termed as Kundiman and have become popular forms of expressing one's feelings, especially those of romantic nature.

Aside from romantic Kundiman music, the Philippines also have songs in the different dialects that its people in different regions speak. Some of these dialects are Kapampangan, Waray, Ilongo and Ilocano. This is why when you try to search for and download Filipino songs; you may come across music that sounds very different from one another despite being under one genre. Also there are many songs in the Filipino language that have been translated to other dialects and vice versa so that more Filipinos can understand.

Through the years Filipino music has also become westernized and started adapting the influence of more popular music genres from other parts of the country. But despite this evolution, the Filipinos retained the original traits of their music and were able to preserve their Kundiman hits. To know more about the interesting music of the Philippines, simply go online and download Filipino songs.