The music of Indonesia is so diverse that when you download Indonesian songs from the Internet you will be presented with hundreds of results representing the hundreds of kinds of Indonesian music. And each of these Indonesian music genres has different origins and history behind them. This is not surprising though, since almost all of the 17, 508 islands of this beautiful country have their own musical distinction as well as historical and cultural identities.

Gamelan is the form of Indonesian music that is most famous among the natives of the country. Tracing its origins from the Hinduism and Buddhism religions, this is a collaboration of percussion, wind and string instruments that form harmonious sounds and meaningful melodies as you may hear clearly when you download Indonesian songs. Among the percussion instruments used in gamelan music are gongs and metallophone drums. The bamboo flute is an example of a wind instrument used in this genre of Indonesian music while the spike fiddle represents the strings.

Although it is a widely-known music genre in all of Indonesia, the cultural origins of gamelan music often linked to the regions of Java, Bala, India and Lombok. It is very intricate in character and its composition is laid out meticulously with the central melody being played by a metallophone. The other musical instruments, on the other hand, ornate the whole ensemble by playing soft tunes.

Truly, learning about the colorful history and culture of Indonesia will be a little easier when you download Indonesian songs because these will allow you to have a glimpse of their artistic style and form and completely understand their concept of music.