In the modern music scene it is quite common to download Irish songs among music lovers as many Irish solo artists and bands have easily penetrated mainstream music industry. But even back in the day when Irish music is only beginning to flourish, Ireland has already become known as the homeland of many talented musicians.

Known as Irish traditional music, the songs of Ireland have been divided into several genres, each having its own distinct quality but still carrying the original Irish tune. Through the years and as the country became a favorite place to migrate by other races, Irish music has also evolved and began to adapt the influences of British and American music in their songs.

Among modern music genres, Irish music has been often associated with rock, rock and roll and punk rock music. Artists performing under these genres have attained great success, both locally and internationally with their songs hitting the airwaves of other music-loving countries. This is one of the reasons why it is very easy to search for and download Irish songs from the Internet today and enjoy Irish music anytime you please.

Some of the modern Irish artists who made it to the mainstream international music scene are Enya, popular boy bands Boyzone and Westlife, singing siblings The Corrs, The Cranberries, U2 and more recently, The Script. The works of these artists, although very modern and somewhat American-sounding, still have hints of traditional Irish music in the way that the artists sing them. Now if you want to listen and differentiate the song of Ireland from American and British hits, simply download Irish songs today.