You might get a little confused when you download Malaysian songs because their tunes have great resemblance with the music of Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines and China. This is because of the proximity of the countries to each other that makes passing on of culture and traditions quite easy.

Naturally, the beat of percussion instruments can be prominently heard in Malaysian songs because of the Indonesian influence. Wind and string instruments are also used by Malaysians in producing melodic sounds that also echoes the country's rich culture and history.

As in other countries, music plays a big part in the other aspects of Malaysian culture, such as their martial arts, particularly the silat. Although it traces its origins from Indonesia, silat has become popular in Malaysia and known here as an important manner of self defense. The moves in this martial art are accompanied by music made from playing gongs, Indian oboes and drums as you may hear when you download Malaysian songs from the Internet.

Settlers of the Malay Peninsula have kertok, a small ensemble of rhythmic xylophone music, which they perform swiftly. Zapin, on the other hand, is another popular form of music throughout Malaysia. It has Arabic influence and is made up of sounds coming from drums and gambus. Zapin is also a popular form of dance in the country

Two other music styles, ronggeng and dondang sayang, are known musical genres in Malaysia. The former is palyed with accordions, violins, gongs and drums while the latter is created with influences from Arabia, China, Portugal, India and carry traditional elements in every tune. Download Malaysian songs today and compare their sounds to the other Asian songs that may also be available for download.