To download Portuguese songs is to get acquainted with the fado type of music tradition, which is what the music of Portugal is known for all over the world. But through the years and with many changes that the country has undergone, Portuguese music has also taken on a new shape and adapted several modern genres that now define the country?s general musical style.

If you search the Internet today and download Portuguese songs, there is a great chance that you will be presented with links to websites where you can download songs of Amalia, the Moonspell metal band, the fado and folk-inspired Madredeus, hip hop De Weasel, breakbeat Buraka Som Sistema, experimental electro-rock Blasted Mechanism and blues and rock Wraygunn. These are the current popular groups in the country that are also gaining international popularity, through the World Wide Web.

The Portuguese language has also played an important role in the building up of traditional Portuguese sound. Its musicality has encouraged even non-native speakers to make music using their own language. And due to modernization, the regional folk music of Portugal has remained popular without really sounding too old, yet still having the same indigenous tune.

One of the great influences on Portuguese music is the musical tradition of Ancient Rome, which reached the country through the Iberian Peninsula. The genres under this influence include both classical and popular music. There are also traces of medieval influences, particularly the Gregorian chants as exhibited by the symphonies of Carlos Seixas, which you may find one you download Portuguese songs from the Internet