If you want to know more about the music of India and Pakistan, simply search for and download Punjabi songs and you will be presented with a wide selection of music that speak of traditional Indian and Pakistani music.

Punjab lies in an Indian subcontinent that has been influenced by both India and Pakistan in so many ways, including music. As a result, Punjabi music is made up of a variety of style that represents both countries. Among the common genres under the Punjabi music are the Sufi classical, which includes the notable Patiala gharana, and folk music.

But the most famous kind of Punjab music is definitely the bhangra. The Bhangra is a type of Punjab folk dance that is very lively, making it a favorite music genre in Punjabi festivals and some rituals. This genre may turn up often when you download Punjabi songs from the Internet.

But although the music of Punjab may sound very indigenous, just like the traditional folk music of its nearby countries, it managed to evolve through the years and develop into a more modern form of music. In the recent decades, there had been a rise in variations of Bhangra pop, which is now accompanied by electronic music instead of the more traditional instruments. Definitely Punjab has accepted the musical contribution of other countries, but in the same way, its traditional sound has reached listeners abroad trough different media.

Indeed Punjab music is a wonderful mix of various musical genres from all over the world, but its cultural values remain intact. Try to download Punjabi songs to day and feel the harmonious rhythm.