Welsh songs are the local songs of the Welsh people. They are known for their rich music culture. They are infamous for their Male Choir. Some of these famous choirs are Treorchy Male Voice Choir and Morriston Orpheus Choir. These choirs are famous for touring the world and performing their excellent voices. They have received numerous awards and citation from different places. Welch music is defined by its distinct instruments. These instruments are whistle, flute, crwth, pibgorn, and harp. Today their music still entails such elements and styles. Other genres were added through the years such as pop and rock. Some popular artists are The Alarm, John Cale, and Bullet for My Valentine.

To download these songs there are available sites online. There are sites solely dedicated to this kind of music. Others have found their way to be available in leading music downloading sites. Usually they are categorized under World music. Often they are available for purchase, either per song or by album. Some sites offer them for free after you sign up. There are terms and condition included with these registrations.

To find specific songs, it is necessary to know the complete song title and song artist. For most traditional and religious Welsh songs they are usually available at cultural Welsh sites. And the popular male choirs also have their own websites. There you could find links to their downloadable tunes. Most of these are available in mp3 formats. Some are in midi formats and are actually available for free download.